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Smartmart Prototype Location in Memphis, TN

SmartMart: Fully Automated, 24/7 Drive-Thru Store


Smartmart is an innovative, fully automated, unmanned, drive-thru store with a touch screen allowing customers to shop from their driver's seat and avoid waiting in long checkout lines. Smartmart is a breakthrough patented technology that allows retailers to make higher profits and satisfy an unmet need for quick and easy shopping.

Improves the Bottom Line

Smartmart delivers a dramatic improvement on retail bottom-line profits-increasing profits 2 to 3.5 times by bringing new dynamics to the last 50 yards of the supply chain. On-going costs are 60-65% less than today's stores. Smartmart can quickly transform existing low-profit stores and new sites into 24/7-unmanned stores with higher profits.

Preserves Energy

Smartmart is an eco-friendly store. Smartmart's energy-sensitive design that eliminates windows and doors, lowers energy costs by 50% making it one of the greenest stores in America.

Customer Friendly

Shoppers can purchase refrigerated, frozen, and shelf stable goods at one of Smartmart's four touch screen ports without ever leaving their vehicles.  They tell us that Smartmart is "quick and easy" and many claim to come several times per week.  Smartmart's high-frequency shoppers visit the store 5-8 times per week.  Many have shared with us that they can complete their shopping and be on their way in less than 2 minutes.

Owner Friendly

Smartmart is driven by pre-eminent technology that addresses key retail issues including lack of profitability, increasing costs, employee training and turnover as well as theft and security issues. Until now, the retail industry as been unable to meet these key industry needs. However, Smartmart's technology provides very fast shopping in a safe, efficient, and more profitable manner.

Operating Smartmart

Smartmart is supported by a Call Service Center that operates at a remote location. Call center representatives act as goodwill ambassadors, answer customer questions, and check driver's licenses as required on age sensitive items. Each drive up shopping port includes a touch screen ordering system with onscreen directed advertising functionality, ID slot with digital cameras, cash acceptor and dispenser, credit card reader, debit card PIN entry device, and an order fulfillment conveyor belt that delivers products right to the driver's window in as little as 5 seconds. 

On site, Smartmart is unmanned, open 24/7, and one person can restock up to 10 Smartmart's each week depending on store sales and travel time between locations. Products can be supplied from a chain warehouse, a mother store, a distributor or DSD. The call center observes and records the stocking process and unlocks the appropriate section of the Smartmart for DSD deliveries. Products are barcode-scanned into inventory at delivery and the technology provides real time data for sales, profit, accounts payable, inventory reports as well as reorders.

Smartmart's Versatility

Smartmart, the Store of the Future, can be applied to convenience store chains, supercenters, supermarket chains, dollar stores, big box stores, and many others. Smartmart can leverage existing retailer assets such as parking lots and vacant property into a new and more efficient business. Locations at existing and new sites in small communities, large neighborhoods, large office and medical centers, shopping centers, recreational areas, large manufacturing plants, universities, interstate exits and rest areas, millitary bases and more can now be cost efficient and more profitable.

The application may change based on the opportunity, but the concept and technology stay constant. Smartmart allows retailers to meet consumer needs in both traditional and non-traditional locations in a high tech, low cost and high return manner.

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